Portrait de Claire Fréchet à l'œuvre

Ceramic artist

A cosmopolitan career

Claire Fréchet was first a translator of poetry after studying languages and linguistics. Then, following an introduction to rare pre-comlubian techniques in Mexico, she trained in this field in Paris for three years before settling in the South of Oise in 2012. Since 2016, her artworks are distributed all over the world and collaborations for bespoke creations with interior designers multiply.

Mains qui pétrissent de l'argile
main qui peint de la céramique

The ceramicist

A cosmopolitan career

Claire Fréchet was trained in Paris after learning her craft from the guidance of experts using pre-columbian techniques in Mexico. In 2012, she opened her workshop in Picardie – near Paris -, a lovely region in France, well-known for its talented craftsmanship. Since 2016, her artworks are distributed all over the world and collaborations for bespoke creations with interior designers multiply.

Appartement senlis
Portrait de Claire Frechet en train de faconner un pièce de céramique
Appartement senlis
Mains qui façonnent l'argile

Claire has developped a very singular artistic language in ceramics, inspired by aesthetic’s links between geology, astronomy and botany. She is always searching for new recipes and skills and she entirely designs and makes all her artworks alone in her workshop.

Main exécutant un geste de modelage

« Ceramics is the formulation of a mineral language based on a fundamental ressource – substrate of life : clay. The ceramicist operates on the clay  the opposite transmutation of that which it underwent during its formation from the decomposition of the rock. My artworks connect with the processes of life, going beyond inert matter as if echoing the energy that crosses the cosmos. »

Claire Fréchet

«The universe is not dependent on beauty. And yet the universe is infinitely beautiful. »

François Cheng

Claire Fréchet dans son atelier

A dwelling workshop

Claire Fréchet settled her activity in Gouvieux, France, 5 minutes from Chantilly-Senlis, one hour from Paris, in a very special and timeless place.
Her workshop is a dwelling house, living patrimony of an ancient limestone quarry used in the past to build Notre-Dame or Amiens Cathedral…

Claire’s sculptures and bas-reliefs are very consistent with such a lovely and radiant place where she entirely creates and handcrafts all her ceramics.


Main qui modèle de l'argile
Exposition de céramiques Claire Fréchet dans son showroom
Maison troglodyte

Claire will be please to welcome you at her workshop and show-room, which is such a unique setting in harmony with her artwork. She will share with you her creative passion as an intimate experience of matter’s secrets.


Claire Fréchet pendant un cours de céramique enfants

Masterclass sessions : Ceramics for adults and children

Claire gives ceramics lessons in her workshop in Gouvieux, near Chantilly-Senlis, for adults and children. She teaches pottery techniques and share her ceramics expertise for crafting sculpture.
Create with clay is a unique medium to interchange and go deep into one’s imagination.
Each piece you make is fired by Claire in order to keep a very special recollection of this moment.

Ceramics classes : modelling and decorating earthenweare for creative crafts.

More than seven hours with hands in clay, in small group …for an creative immersion !

On week-end :
On Saturday, all day & on Sunday morning

Next rendez-vous  :

29th and 30th June 2024

24th and 25th August

14th and 15th September

12th ans 13th October

16th and 17th November


Ceramics classes : modelling and decorating earthenweare for creative crafts for children – 6/12 years old.

A workshop in small group that combines technical and creative learning with amusement and imagination.

July 2024

To get more details about Claire’s masterclass, please contact her on or fill this form:

Atelier Claire Fréchet

18 Impasse des Carrières
60270 Gouvieux

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Claire Fréchet sur le pas de la porte de son atelier