Ceramic creations :
The Collections

Claire Fréchet composes a metaphoric world as she develops her fine art in ceramics. The different collections tell oneiric stories that evolve and dialogue constantly.

« To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower 
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand 
And eternity in an hour »

William Blake, Auguries of Innocence


Spaceberries are harvested along an imaginary journey through Space-Time – elastic, dense, granular and smooth. Every sculpture tells over its textures and shapes the story of Matter that rolls up and down when the energy of fire goes through it.


Albanegra : These sculptures play with bark or leather’s impressions. They develop forms and matters that turn a vase into a body which skin both tanned and burnished is covered by a sensual fur.


IN-Topia : These voluptuous sculptures embody sensual nests and large spinning tops at the same time. They perform a sensitive exploration for both eyes and hands. The shapes have multiple sides, from where can emerge strange lifes, enchanting dreams, in a word : an endearing cosmic moult.


Aurora Mineralis : Some have concave, others have convex shapes … All these sculptures express the powerful interactions between plants and stones underscored by light and shade subtile phenomenoms. Polished, eroded surfaces evoke a skin caressed by the elements at the dawn. Nature and Culture together …


Meteors : These spheres are characterized by their intense softness, also eroded and covered by fired calligraphic decoration… The spirit of these vases is made of cosmic order and harmonious disorder, each hand-crafted piece boasting an entirely singular beauty.

Mineral Dreams

Mineral Dreams are mural ceramics featuring mosaïc inlays, designed by Claire Fréchet and handcrafted by Claire and a french mosaicist Toone Nicol (Mozaïktoone). These bas-reliefs are original curved shapes that spring out of the wall surfaces. They are strewed with crystals and semi-precious stones, mineral marvels in a dialog with Claire’s know-how.